Statement on the ending of OMNI’s Multicultural Newscasts


NDP MP and Official Opposition Multiculturalism Critic Andrew Cash (Davenport) made the following statement on the recent decision by Rogers Media to shut down ethnic-language newscasts across its OMNI TV stations. This latest announcement by Rogers not only means that over 100 people are out of work, but that thousands…

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Stop the Expansion of Pay-to-Pay Fees! Sign the Petition!

Pay to Pay NDP SIte

Now the Banks want to charge you EXTRA for everyday transactions! (Sign the petition below!) While the NDP was successful in getting rid of pay-to-pay fees on your phone and internet bills, the Conservative government refused to crack down on their friends in the big banks. Now Canada’s most profitable…

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CNSC Releases GE-Hitachi Test Results


Thanks to our continued community pressure on the need for further environmental testing around the GE-Hitachi uranium processing facility at 1025 Lansdowne Ave, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), the federal government body that regulates the nuclear industry, recently implemented an Independent Environmental Monitoring Program (IEMP). As part of the…

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Conservatives Bend to NDP Pressure on Protections for Interns in Budget

Intern Win

OTTAWA – On the eve of a vote on the NDP’s Intern Protection Act, the Conservatives finally bent to pressure and promised greater protections for unpaid interns in Budget 2015. “It’s a clear copy and paste from the NDP’s Intern Protection Act which is already being debated in the House,”…

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Andrew Speaks out Against Bill C-51

C-51 would grant sweeping new powers to Canada’s security and intelligence forces that will severely erode the fundamental freedoms and liberties of Canadians, while failing to provide any additional public safety. There is no question that Canada faces real threats from terrorism at home and abroad. It is the responsibility…

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CNSC Information Session – April 25, 2015

Andrew CNSC Meeting

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the federal government’s regulator of the nuclear industry, will be holding a public information session at the Wallace Emerson Community Centre to talk about the work they do and how it relates to the GE-Hitachi uranium fuel facility in our community at Dupont and Lansdowne.…

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Interns Prime Examples of Risks Associated with Precarious Work


INTERNS PRIME EXAMPLES OF RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH PRECARIOUS WORK NDP’s ‘Intern Protection Act’ to be debated, voted on next week TORONTO – With as many as half of all workers in Toronto unable to gain access to full-time work with benefits and job security, legislators must contend with the risks…

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Andrew debates the decline in full-time, permanent work

On Tuesday, Andrew Cash took part in the debate on an NDP motion (below) to address the rapid growth of part-time, contract, self-employed work over good paying full-time jobs with benefits and job security. Text of motion: That, in light of sustained high unemployment since the 2008 recession and the…

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Andrew Cash on the Growth of Precarious Employment

Andrew Cash (Davenport, NPD): It is an honour for me to rise in this place on behalf of the good people of Davenport in the great city of Toronto to speak in support of the motion before us. I will begin by saying that many of the people that the…

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