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Latest news from Andrew Cash, Member of Parliament for Davenport

Andrew’s Statement on Vandalism at a Mosque in Thornhill – July 21 2014

on July 21, 2014

NDP Multiculturalism critic and Toronto Caucus Chair Andrew Cash (Davenport) released the following statement today condemning the disturbing acts of vandalism at a Mosque in Thornhill: “We are deeply saddened and disturbed by what happened last night in Thornhill. Bigotry in any form has no place in Canada. While it is important that the people [...]

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Statement on Canadian Multiculturalism Day – June 27, 2014

on June 27, 2014

The NDP’s Multiculturalism critic Andrew Cash (Davenport) made the following statement on Canadian Multiculturalism Day: “Multiculturalism is a fundamental Canadian value and on this Canadian Multiculturalism Day, the New Democratic Party is proud to celebrate our nation’s rich diversity. “The values of tolerance, compassion and commitment to equality are shared by all Canadians and allow [...]

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Andrew Cash’s statement on Music Monday – May 5th, 2014

on May 5, 2014

Mr. Andrew Cash (Davenport, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I was lucky to have had a phenomenal music education when I went to school. I played the clarinet, saxophone, and the classical guitar, and the benefits of this experience have been immeasurable. We know that a music education helps young people to learn, nurturing not only the [...]

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Andrew Introduces Petition on Electoral Reform – April 10th, 2014

on April 10, 2014

Mr. Andrew Cash (Davenport, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I too am proud to rise on behalf of the people of Davenport in the great city of Toronto who are among thousands who signed the Council of Canadians Democracy 24/7 petition. The petitioners are very concerned about the findings of the federal court, and they call on [...]

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Andrew urges Conservatives to take action on lost jobs and safety concerns at Pearson Airport – April 8th 2014

on April 8, 2014

The NDP is again calling on the federal government to resolve security concerns follow 120 permanent workers at Person International Airport who have lost their jobs. Gate Gourmet is the company responsible for preparing food and beverages for various airlines that come through the terminal and is replacing these full-time permanent positions with temporary contract [...]

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Andrew Writes to Parliamentary Secretary for Natural Resources Kelly Block about GE-Hitachi Facility at 1025 Lansdowne

on April 8, 2014

Parliamentary Secretary and Minister for Natural Resources Kelly Block responded to Andrew’s petition regarding the lack of public information surrounding the GE-Hitachi Facility at 1025 Lansdowne Ave. You can find her response here: Please find below Andrew’s response to her: February 24, 2014 Re: Response to Petition 412-0614 – Public Hearing on GE-Hitachi Facility [...]

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Statement from the NDP on the attacks in Kessab – March 27, 2014

on March 27, 2014

NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) has issued the following statement regarding the attacks in Kessab: “New Democrats continue to be shocked by the terrible violence of the conflict in Syria, which has killed over 120,000 people and displaced millions of civilians. I am deeply saddened by the recent attacks by extremist militants [...]

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