Andrew Cash
MP for Davenport

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Andrew’s Letter to Minister Raitt regarding Rail Safety in Davenport

on April 8, 2014

Last summer, Andrew joined Davenport residents for walkabout of the CP rail line that runs through Davenport. He heard concerns about the deteriorated state of tracks and sent a letter to Minister Raitt regarding this issue. Please find it below: Dear Minister Raitt, Canadians deserve to live in safe neighbourhoods. And part of that means [...]

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Andrew Writes to Minister of Natural Resources Kelly Block about GE-Hitachi Facility at 1025 Lansdowne

on April 8, 2014

Parliamentary Secretary and Minister for Natural Resources Kelly Block responded to Andrew’s petition regarding the lack of public information surrounding the GE-Hitachi Facility at 1025 Lansdowne Ave. You can find her response here: Please find below Andrew’s response to her: February 24, 2014 Re: Response to Petition 412-0614 – Public Hearing on GE-Hitachi Facility [...]

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Audio from Telephone Townhall Meeting – March 11, 2014

on March 26, 2014

On March 11, 2014, MPP Jonah Schein and I hosted a telephone townhall with Davenport residents to hear about your priorities and to chat about some of the work we’ve done as your Davenport representatives. Jonah and I have been working hard to bring your concerns to both the House of Commons and the Ontario [...]

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Andrew Slams Government Inaction to Crack Down on the Misuse of Unpaid Interns

on February 27, 2014

Mr. Andrew Cash (Davenport, NDP): Mr. Speaker, yesterday in Toronto, a group of students made their voices heard around the issue of unpaid internships, and I would like to applaud their engagement and courage. Their intervention underlines a disturbing reality for many young people across the country. These days, the chips are stacked against them. [...]

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Immigration Town Hall – February 13th, 2014

on February 13, 2014

On February 13th, I co-hosted a town hall on immigration and citizenship with NDP MP colleagues, Peggy Nash (Parkdale-High Park) and Mike Sullivan (York South-Weston). Over 150 people attended, along with 15 community-based immigration service providers who came to discuss their services with attendees. We had presentations from community organizations, who discussed some of the [...]

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Join me for a Town Hall on Immigration and Citizenship!

on February 6, 2014

As the MP for Davenport and Multiculturalism Critic for the Official Opposition, I have heard from many constituents and from folks across the country that the Harper government is failing Canada’s immigrant communities. In particular, recent changes to our immigration system have created longer wait times for citizenship and family reunification. Some of the concerns [...]

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Statement on India Republic Day – January 26, 2014

on January 26, 2014

Official Opposition Multiculturalism Critic Andrew Cash (Davenport) made the following statement on India’s Republic Day: “Today, on behalf of all New Democrats and our Leader Tom Mulcair, I would like to extend my best wishes to the Republic of India and all Canadians of Indian heritage on this Republic Day. January 26 marks the day [...]

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CNSC confirms that soil around GE-Hitachi facility is safe

on October 25, 2013

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission recently tested the soil samples taken from around the GE-Hitachi nuclear facility to conduct their own tests. The CNSC have determined that the results show no potential health and safety risks to the community, confirming the findings of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. The full report for the CNSC [...]

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